Fish, Rivers & People

The Happy Fish Journey

I am Rik Bomer and half a year ago, I finished my education and had developed an interest towards global sustainability. I find it amazing how people find solutions for all kinds of problems and create and integrated concept to benefit mankind and let nature thrive in the process. I want to learn more about river restoration, dam removal, fish passage, water quality & overall free-flowing rivers.

 Everything I learn, I will post on this website!

Where is the Happy fish journey?

If you want to know where I am now, how many kilometers I have made & how many days there are left, look no future than below.

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On instagram I will showcase the most photos and share the highlights of each day. Occasionally there are also stories posted! If you don’t have instagram, don’t worry, everything is publiced down below.

  • Behind that thick fog is France! Bye for now and hope to see you once again!
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  • The tidal powerplant in St. Malo is the barrage Rance. It powers 200.000 residents and doing so without harming the environment (so they say)! It operates without co2. Furthermore, the tidal area is kept at normal levels to not disturb wildlife!
  • This was the view when I stept out of my tent that morning!
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  • When you travel the Selune river this is treat you get when looking at the estuary. It is quite rural and hars you feel the elements!